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Martini Club

Martini Club May 2022

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We'd like to welcome you to Barspoon, the company behind Martini Club & World Martini Day, where we also sell the spirits we use for our Martinis for both World Martini Day and Martini Club. In time, we expect to also have several cocktails for you to be able to purchase and enjoy at home as well. Bear with us as we develop the shop!

For our May 2022 event, it's no surprise we'll be headlining Siân & Andrew from Gower, since they're also our chosen distiller for the Night Star World Martini 2022 gin. For Martini Club, however, we're highlighting three of their other gins to celebrate the amazing products that come from their stable on the Gower.

In each pack, we'll include a FREE sample of Night Star and its perfect serve Vesper Martini, along with three other Martinis using their Rooftop gin made for Gin & Juice, Bara Brith and Rhamanta. The Martinis in the pack will be:

1. Jumping from Dirty Rooftops
This Dirty Martini is made with Gower's Rooftop gin, a coastal gin using samphire is paired with a special Dirty Martini brine from infused samphire, caper, caperberry and mixed with olive brine.

Ingredients: Gŵyr Rooftop Gin, Dry Vermouth, Samphire, Caper & Olive brine
Garnish: Olive

2. Covert Mottled Spy
A medium sweet Marguerite using both dry and sweet vermouth made with Gower's Bara Brith and a fair amount of Audemus' Covert Orange Liqueur (not as sweet as normal Martinez' are) to allow Bara Brith's bready maltiness to come through.

Ingredients: Gŵyr Bara Brith Gin, Gŵyr Vermouth, Sweet Vermouth, Audemus Covert, Orange Bitters
Garnish: Orange peel

3. Solange Grenade
A fun Martini using Gower's Rhamanta Gin, made with Gower's Vermouth, and a dash of Grenadine and Peychaud's bitters to enhance the pomegranate in the gin and make it pretty in pink.

Ingredients: Gŵyr Rhamanta Gin, Gŵyr Vermouth, Grenadine & Peychaud's Bitters
Garnish: None (or a rose petal if you really want!)

4. Night Star Vesper Martini
Finally, offered for free to members is the Night Star Vesper. Martini Club members will be the first to taste the perfect serve of the Vesper, and we'll also throw in a small sample of Night Star just by itself for you to try our amazing new gin made by Siân, Andrew, Ant, Sandra and Julian for World Martini Day on 18 June.

We have blended four different wines to suit the Vesper specifically, two of which are Gower's Vermouth and a Sauternes. This blend provides the exact level of sweetness and balance to manage the juniper bomb that's Night Star and the added complexity of Dima's vodka, a Ukrainian 3-grain vodka using barley, wheat and rye.

While the Vesper is provided free, we have included an option where you can donate an additional £5 to Ukraine.

Ingredients: Gŵyr Night Star World Martini Day 2022 Gin, Dima's Vodka, 4-wine Amber Blend, Angostura bitters
Garnish: lemon peel

Please note: Martini Club Packs are always sold with P&P included.