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Valentines Tipples


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We're offering three exceptional pink drinks to make that romantic evening with you and yours tantalisingly special, or a wonderful treat for yourself!

1. Hibiscus Margarita (19% ABV)
A new permanent resident on the menu and always the most popular choice when we serve it at parties, as everyone loves a good Margarita! Ours uses hibiscus flowers infused in a high quality 100% agave tequila to add yet another dimension to the drink. It's made Tommy's style with agave syrup and lime transporting you to Mexico and gets the evening started!

2. Cosmopolitan Milk Punch (18% ABV)
The classic Cosmo made popular in Sex & the City. We only use natural ingredients, balanced and elevated with the silkiness from the milk punch technique which slightly clarifies it to a gorgeous pink for a tantalising serve to get those lips pouting. May contain trace milk solids.

3. Solange Grenade (30% ABV)
A firm favourite introduced to Martini Club last May, the Solange Grenade uses Gower Gin's Rhamanta and their demi-sec vermouth with a drop of grenadine and bitters for a beautiful and delicious Perfect Pink Martini to get hearts really racing.

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