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World Martini Day 2022 Vesper Martini

46.5% ABV

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The Night Star World Martini Day 2022 gin is essentially a redistilled Vesper Martini. So it's perfect serve is a Vesper Martini made with Dima's Vodka and a blend of four different aromatised wines, of which two are Gower's Vermouth and a Sauternes.

This blend provides the exact level of sweetness and balance to manage the juniper bomb of Night Star and the added complexity of Dima's vodka, a Ukrainian 3-grain vodka using barley, wheat and rye.

You can buy the Vesper in a pack of 3x 100ml pouches, each undiluted and 46.5% ABV mixed. Please note 100% of the vodka's proceeds used in this Vesper are donated to Ukraine.

Ingredients: Gŵyr Night Star World Martini Day 2022 Gin, Dima's Vodka, 4-wine Amber Blend, Angostura bitters

Garnish: lemon peel (not supplied)