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9 di Dante

9 di Dante Purgatorio Extra Dry

18.0% ABV

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9diDANTE continues to pay homage to Italy’s greatest poet. Taking inspiration from the second stage of Dante’s journey as he climbs Mount Purgatory, this Vermouth di Torino Superiore is set to redefine the appreciation for Extra-Dry Vermouths.

As the first ever vermouth to be blended exclusively from 100% Arneis DOC wine, PURGATORIO continues to pledge 9diDANTE’s commitment of putting Piemonte wines at the heart of its vermouths.  

With an intense personality and unusually full-bodied for an Extra-Dry Vermouths, it has a distinct floral nose that preserves the characteristic pear and apricot notes of the Arneis wine, complemented by a balanced sensation of lemon peel, sage and mint, to ensure a refreshing and mildly bitter sensation

Perfect in a Martini and equally enjoyable over ice with a lemon twist.