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Caorunn Scottish Raspberry Gin

41.8% ABV

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May we present our fun alternative to a fruit salad. Caorunn’s Scottish Raspberry Gin perfectly demonstrates the clever way our Copper Berry Chamber extracts maximum flavour from our 11 gin botanicals, with an added blast of fruitiness from refreshing Perthshire Raspberries. The result? Where our classic is slightly spicy, this is distinctly fruity, with raspberry and the tartness of the rowan to the fore. You’ll enjoy a pleasing mouthfeel and a lingering finish
  • Tasting Notes

  • Botanicals

    Base: Neutral Grain Spirit

    Botanicals: Raspberry, Juniper berries, Coriander seed, Lemon peel, Orange peel, Angelica root, Cassia bark, Rowan berries, Coul Blush apple, Heather, Dandelion leaf, Bog Myrtle

  • Facts

    Distiller: Balmenach Distillery
    Bottler: Balmenach Distillery
    ABV: 41.8%