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Martini Club

Martini Club September 2023

0.0% ABV

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Martini Club x Little Brown Dog

Well, the secret's out: it's LBD. The bonkers but brilliant duo and a little brown dog from Aberdeenshire. They're launching a brand new cask aged gin, which hasn't even been announced yet and you'll get to enjoy it before anyone else.

Tickets are on sale now and we're serving these three amazing drinks:

Latitudinal Dry Martini
LBD Latitude Strength is their award winning 57.2% Navy Strength gin. Every flavour, ester and nuance of botanical extracted from geotagged locations in the vicinity of the distillery is present with a bright nose, juniper heavy enough to louche and a slightly honeyed petrichor ('woodland' flavour). Wormwood pairs extremely well, so this is one of the most mouthwatering Martinis you'll ever have. Our job is simple: 5:2 with Sacred Dry vermouth, and nothing else.

CENSORED Jean Armour
The second drink uses LBD's new cask aged gin, which is CENSORED for now as it's due to be released for CENSORED. It's aged in a CENSORED cask and imparts the flavour of CENSORED which makes an absolutely banging Martinez and CENSORED. We figured not to use sweet vermouth here, but to add a bit of Benedictine and use Sacred Dry vermouth to effectively make a gin Bobby Burns, so in a nod to his wife, we're calling this the Jean Armour.

Big Apple
LBD call this a Big Apple as it follows the rules of a Martini & Manhattan but is neither. We were keen to show off LBD's 'other business' of single cask releases, so decided not to make this a mystery, as the spirit is too special (and at £72/bottle, too expensive) to be anonymised. LBD generously offered to use their Christian Drouin Pays d'Auge Calvados 2016 White Port Cask. We looked at white Port to mix, but decided on another Portuguese wine: a dry white Madeira Sercial. To complete the drink a few drops of cinnamon liqueur and the result is literally a liquid apple tarte tatin with a complexity out of this world. You'd expect to pay around £25 at a bar for this drink alone, so it's really something to behold!

Zoom Monday 18 September 8pm
As always the event will held at 8pm, late enough to put kids to bed and eat beforehand. Email invite will be sent out the weekend prior.

Please note: Martini Club Packs are always sold with P&P included.

Update 13 Sep: packs have been shipped. We can no longer guarantee delivery in time. Contact us independently.