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Locksley Distilling Co.

World Martini Day Gin 2021 by Locksley

46.5% ABV

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Every year we invite a distiller to create an uncompromising new spirit with 3 objectives:

1. To be collectible

2. To be great in a Martini

3. A 'what if?' innovation with a unique feature.

In 2021 we invited Locksley Distilling to create a gin, with the unique premise of distilling vermouth as a botanical in the gin.


  • Tasting Notes

  • Botanicals

    Base: Neutral Grain Spirit

    Botanicals: Polish juniper (chopped & whole), Vermouth, Coriander seed, Cassia, Angelica & Liquorice root, Lemon peel

  • Facts

    Distiller: Locksley Distilling Co.
    Bottler: Locksley Distilling Co.
    Country: England
    ABV: 46.5%