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Negroni Trio


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With the launch of our Blackforest Negroni, one of the most demanded cocktails, we're also offering all three of our Negronis in a pack as a wonderful treat and great way to explore our drinks!

1. Negroni di Quattro Amari (25% ABV)
A complex, layered Negroni made of two aperitivos, vermouth and a chinato, forming all 4 bitter elements - the four amaros. Combined with a premium gin using some tea amongst its botanicals gives this Negroni a huge depth of flavour.

2. Mediterranean White Negroni (26% ABV)
One of our bestsellers, the Mediterranean White Negroni is relatively dry for a Negroni, packing a delightful punch using a London Dry gin, the fragrant chamomile and gentian bitterness of Suze plus a bouquet of Mediterranean ingredients including Greek Mastiha and Italian Bergamot.

3. Blackforest Negroni (26% ABV)
Possibly our most demanded cocktail, the Blackforest Negroni uses a kina with a cherry notes and a touch of dark chocolate and nuts to provide a truly indulgent Negroni. Best served with a square of dark chocolate and a maraschino cherry. May contain nuts.